One man. One cross. Millions of lives changed… forever.

Have you ever thought that there must be more to life than merely existing — it must have meaning? Christians believe that Jesus Christ gives life its meaning. It’s like this:

When God created the world he intended man to have a relationship with him. Man spoiled this relationship by doing wrong things, sinning. This separated God and man, just as the things we do wrong lead to separation in our human relationships. To restore our relationship with him, God sent his only son to the world, Jesus Christ, to live as a man. Jesus paid the price for our sin by dying in our place, a slow and painful death on a cross. Thankfully the story did not end there. God raised Jesus from the dead and took him to be with him in heaven.

As Jesus took the punishment for all the wrongs things we do, we can now experience God’s forgiveness and once again be in a relationship with him. The great part is that anyone can be forgiven by God, it doesn’t matter what you have done, you just need to ask him.

Christianity is all about a personal relationship with God, made possible by Jesus Christ. Through this relationship we can receive forgiveness for the wrongs things that we do and by God’s grace we can have eternal life with him when our life here draws to a close.

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If what you have read has challenged you in any way about your beliefs, if you have got more questions, please come to our church, or one near to where you live, and find someone there to ask.

Is Christianity any different? Who is Jesus? What is so special about Jesus? It all sounds too easy! He didn't really die, right? I don't want to just sit in heaven all day... I am not a sinner, am I? Aren't these just stories? How did Jesus' death sort my sins? Science disproves it all, right?