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Worship in July and August


9.30am Duncan Warmington
11.00am Duncan Warmington
6.30pm COMMUNION AND HEALING – Simon Thomas

9.30am Ian Knowles
11.00am Ian Knowles
6.30pm David Jones

9 .30am Richard Tucker
11.00am Norman Smith
6.30pm Richard Walters and Ron Goodenough

9.30am David Nibloe and Stuart Dew
11.00am COMMUNION – Norman Smith
6.30pm Richard Walters and Norman Smith

9.30am COMMUNION – Norman Smith
11.00am Norman Smith
6.30pm Brian Stone (Preceded by a farewell tea at 4.45pm)


9.30am Mike Gardiner
11.00am Barry Piper
6.30pm Norman Smith

9.30am David Walters
11.00am Norman Smith
6.30pm COMMUNION – Norman Smith

9.30am Norman Smith
6.30pm Norman Smith

10.30am COMMUNION – Norman Smith – PLEASE NOTE TIME!
6.30pm Norman Smith

Coffee is normally served between the morning services and after the evening one

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From the Minister

Sarah and I had booked to have a holiday but, for various reasons, postponed making the practical arrangements to go away. Others reading this may have already experienced an early break and enjoyed a week in the sun, while many are still looking forward to the opportunity to visit a new place or an old haunt. Even some of those unable to go far may be anticipating the prospect of a day out. This means that a fairly large proportion of readers have first-hand experience of travelling. In addition many local people, of course, are all too familiar with the joy, or otherwise, of the journey to work!

Our Christian life has been likened to a journey. It requires a conscious effort on our part to respond to the invitation to start out on it in the first place. It entails a decision, which may take months or even years to be finally clinched, when we accept the clear invitation that Jesus offers to share all aspects of our life with him. Such an experience will bring us to times of rest and refreshment, like a good holiday. Other times will find us facing the frustrations and hardship of disrupted, even hazardous, times as we face the difficulties of life, as do many people in their work environment. We may be tempted to think, even as Christians, we are on a mystery tour, not sure where the next destination is going to be, but, ideally, we have all discovered that the ultimate destination is assured. Because of God’s love for us, he has promised all who entrust the journey of life into the hands of Jesus that they will finally reach the glorious pinnacle of the journey in heaven. None of us knows how long our own personal journey will take but it is vital not to delay the start until it is too late!


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Sunday Lesson Reading

If you feel able to read a Bible lesson at one of our Sunday services, please would you put your name in the reading book. This can be found on the windowsill nearest to the Mission table, in the concourse. It is usual to have one reader for the 9.30am service, two for the 11.00am, and one at 6.30pm. It would be so nice if, when I check the book on a Friday afternoon, I could see three or four names down rather than seeing blank spaces and thinking, "Help! Who can I ask to read?" Many thanks to all those who do read God’s word – I appreciate your willingness. If you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to ring me – Alison Ward

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Michael Davies has now been inducted as President for the next two years, and Graham Campling has become Convenor of the District Pastoral Committee.

The meeting eventually approved all but one part of the proposal for future ministerial deployment. This implies that, as from January 2002, Lindfield and Balcombe will be scoped to have one minister.
The one part of the total proposal being re-examined involves the churches in and near Polegate, but each church in the District still has to work through the implications of the proposal as it affects each specific pastorate.

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Sharing meals, morning coffee or … together is a great way to deepen the fellowship of the church family. Our thanks to all those who find themselves in a position to entertain friends and strangers, and all who do so frequently!
Although you, for various reasons, may not be in a position to respond to this invitation, there may be some of you who would be willing and able to explore extending the ministry of hospitality. If you come into that category, please have a word with Norman, Fo Tingley or Iris Green. We are especially interested in a scheme to increase the possibility of wider hospitality on Sundays. Thank you.

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John Barling and Ron Goodenough are visiting Romania for a week at the end of August.

They expect to attend a Christian Conference and then visit sites where Cascaid Trust is at work. It sounds like a challenging adventure. They have been told not to assunme they can buy any of the normal holiday requisites in Romania – so they must bring their own toilet paper, pain killers, razor blades, etc. – and a sleeping bag would make sleep more likely!
They will return with first-hand news to share with us about the Trust we are supporting. Please pray for them during the experience.

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At the end of this session, we say goodbye to Elena who has been an asset to our Anchor Section over the past four years. I’m sure both the staff and the boys will miss her very much. We wish her well for the future and thank her for all she has done and for her commitment to the younger boys in our Company.

The Junior Section is also saying goodbye to a member of staff. At the end of this session, Brian Stone, our Junior Section leader, will be retiring. Brian came to help at a very crucial time and has done an excellent job with our Juniors, as the boys’ attendance will confirm. We do thank Brian and wish him and his wife, Brenda, a happy retirement.
Parents will already know that Brian’s replacement will be Peter Snashall, who has had many years’ experience in the Brigade, both as a boy and an officer. We welcome Peter to our Company and ask you to give him the support that we have enjoyed over the past 30 years.

The Junior Section Five-a-Side football team came within an ace of winning the Battalion tournament at the Triangle Centre, Burgess Hill. In an exciting final, they lost 2-1 to the 2nd Burgess Hill. We are grateful to two dads, Jeremy Nurse and Barry Fisher, for their work in coaching the team over several months.

We were very pleased when Paddy Lay MBE, the Founder Captain, accepted our invitation to become Honorary Captain and he was formally appointed as such at the Display. Paddy was also our Chief Guest and, among the awards he presented, was a President’s Badge to L/Cpl. Daffyd Wagstaff. Daffyd was one of three boys who received their Bronze Duke of Edinburgh’s Awards, the others being Cpls. Matthew Heyward and Jim Johnson. The Display also saw the first public appearance of our reformed band.
Six of our Senior boys took part in a Silver Duke of Edinburgh expedition on the North Downs, a venture rendered more challenging than usual by the closure of many footpaths because of the Foot-and–Mouth epidemic. The Company Section competed in the Battalion Athletics at Withdean and, although we didn’t get anywhere this time, it was the first time for some years that we have entered a team for this event.
A very warm word of thanks must go to Ann Lay for the hard work and enthusiasm she put in on our behalf in organising plant sales, whose proceeds, some £300 to date, have given a much-needed boost to our funds.

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The main services are held on the first and third Sundays of the month, at 11.00am. The speakers for July and August are:
1st July Sue Mummery
15th July Mike Gardiner
5th August Norman Smith


This is held on the second Sunday of the month, at 1.00pm. We extend a warm welcome to everyone, whether they are connected with a church or not. There is no charge – we just ask people to bring some food to share. From time to time, we have a speaker who will give a short talk, or watch a short video following the lunch.
Before the lunch, at 12 noon, we hold an informal family service to which you are also invited. We are pleased for people to come to one or other, or both.
N.B. Please note that there, during August, there will be only one service and no Friendship Lunch.

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Lots of us prefer not to think, or talk, about our own death, or the death of a loved one before it happens.

I have been encouraged lately by those people who have given some thought to such a ‘taboo’ subject, and have jotted down information which will be of help to someone being left with the responsibility of arranging a funeral.
I am not referring particularly to the drawing up of a Will which, hopefully, everyone who reads this page has accepted as important but, some information which, although occasionally included in a Will, is often left to others to remember, or discern.
Simple instructions about a funeral service, like hymns/songs and readings can be written down, left in a place with private papers, or even handed to the local minister.
If you have no close relatives still alive, it is also extremely helpful if you can make a note of any clubs or societies you have belonged to, or special interests or hobbies you have pursued. If you would like donations to be given to a charity, instead of flowers, it is much better to let others know which charity, rather than leave it to others to decide.
Occasionally, when a person senses they are about to die, they may attempt to pass on such thoughts. My own father left it until the very last minute before he spoke of certain wishes to me. It is far better to address such a topic while we actually feel well and healthy so, why delay!

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What’s in a word? (FROM DAVID TINGLEY)

As a renowned bottled water producer once claimed, "there is definitely something in the water." Reality TV, as it has become known, is now here to stay. Big Brother created a big splash here last summer and, since then, ‘nasty Nigel Lythgoe’ churned out popstars ten to the dozen and then went on to hide an entire production studio on a remote island off Borneo, and waited to see if the hand-picked cast could spot them!

It is fair to say that, for the most part, I have been hooked. Let us be honest and say that we all experience ups and downs in life. There are some that feel that a stranger’s personal trauma should not be regarded as light entertainment, the difference here being that the contestants and players in these rather more insular environments have made a choice to share what they go through. Sometimes, perhaps, we can identify with feelings we see on screen. At other times, we may be shocked but, in my opinion, the antics and attitudes we see televised are not a million miles away from how life is for many in our society.
The somewhat ‘un-Christian’ choice we are called to make about whether we like somebody, on many of these shows, is a typical example of how we can so easily be two-faced to those around us, be it an instinctive judgement, a reaction to personality or a choice in order to put us in favour with others. Surely we know this is not how God has called us to live with one another?
Not only are people’s actions on show, but their language as well. It is certainly true to say that, sadly, ‘Reality TV’ so often involves profanity on a large scale. Once more, I am challenged to realise that many simply regard swearing as part of their day-to-day language.
Let me just stop for a moment and admit I know I have written recently on the use of bad language. Forgive me for repetition, but it was just the other day that I heard a revelation that shocked me! It was that of two middle-aged ladies, which I picked up across a not-so crowded bus. While discussing the various negative traits of the younger generation, one of them exclaimed: "It is not as if they are even using the language [swearing] correctly. If they were, I wouldn’t mind." Call me naive, but I would have expected better of that particular generation. To my mind, there is never a good time to hear anyone talk in expletives or conduct themselves in an under-handed manner, as it breeds contempt, anger and shows no self-control. However, maybe it shows ‘Reality TV’ to be more real than we expected.

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Thanks a bunch to everyone who supported our first venture into horticulture (selling plants, that is, to you and me!).

Over the past few months, we have been so grateful to those who acted as ‘foster carers’, potters, transporters and sellers. The fellowship and teamwork was both willing and wonderful, from mums and dads of ‘yesteryear lads’, to lads – now dads – with children of their own in GB and BB!
Encouraged by our friends, Betty and Roy, to base our sales on ‘Pop-In Thursdays’, we were so pleased to welcome many folks through the church doors, who, perhaps, had never ventured in before. In fact, the church lounge was quite full on both days – tea and coffee well received.
The Gnomes and I are now off on our ‘hols’ but not before the Officers collared us to do the same again, in early October, for winter and spring plants – pansies, polyanthus etc. – so, heigh ho! see you then.
In the master’s service,

P.S. We desperately need flowerpots. Please give them to any BB Officer or phone ‘The Gnomes ‘Ome’ on 236825. Happy hols.

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Spiritual Mentoring

The April meeting had to be postponed and I am now inviting anyone interested in finding out more about this very important subject to come along to a meeting at Ryecroft on Wednesday, 8th August, at 8.00pm.

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Songs of Praise

On Sunday, 19th August, the 11.00am service will take the form of "Songs of Praise" using some of your favourite hymns or songs. Please let Norman know your choice, and the reason behind the choice, before 12th August. Many thanks.

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60 people may find this invitation relevant!

IF YOU ARE A CHRISTIAN, and come regularly to worship with us and have a sense that, at least for the time being, this is your ‘spiritual’ home but have never taken the step of becoming a church member, I make this final invitation before I retire … PLEASE think seriously about doing so. If you do not know what is involved, just ask me or one of the Elders. I am currently in conversation with several individuals who are contemplating taking this step. I would be very happy to talk with you, without any obligation. We usually encourage young people to wait until they are nearly 16 years old, but there is no upper age limit!
I look forward to hearing from you.

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Situations Vacant …

We are praying for Christian volunteers to assist in several areas of church life. Among them are the following (unless, by the time you read this, our prayers have been answered!):

  • ® House Group Leaders

  • ® Luncheon Fellowship Organiser (Wednesdays)

  • ® Fellowship Secretary

  • ® Leaders and Helpers in Junior Church, 14+ and Brigades

  • ® Stewards and those willing to transport others to church services

  • ® Concourse Staff

  • ® Drama Co-ordinator

  • ® And …!

Ideally, all who accept leadership in any area, are church members and they believe, in spite of feeling inadequate, that God is giving them the gift to undertake the task. It would be good to think that those who begin a new work do not consider it a ‘life sentence’ but one which has a limited time span. Such an approach might encourage more individuals to explore possibilities.
There have been no increases in pay recently, and none are predicted!
Please contact the minister, or an elder, if you are at all interested.

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Not everyone has access to a computer, and not everyone wants access to a computer, but IF you have, read on …

There is an ever-increasing selection of Christian material, including Bibles, books, teaching resources and art-work, available on CD for easy use on a computer. Instead of spending ages on computer games, (although there are Christian computer games on the market) why not save up for, or get a kind friend to give you, a marvellous aid to help you learn more about Jesus and help you to grow as a Christian?
A visit to the local Christian bookshop will give you a taste of what is available. The shop will almost certainly order material for you. Alternatively, you can contact a firm such as Sunrise Software (e-mail sales@sunrise-software.com or ring 0845 0579 579 for a catalogue).
Items are seldom cheap but are worth having if you can afford them. I have just been given ‘The Essential IVP Reference Collection’, which provides instant access to: The New Dictionary of Biblical Theology; The New Dictionary of Theology; The New Bible Dictionary; The New Bible Commentary; The Dictionary of Jesus and the Gospels; The Dictionary of Paul and his Letters; The Dictionary of the later New Testament; The Dictionary of New Testament Background; The Bible Background Commentary, both OT and NT; The Dictionary of Biblical Imagery; The Hard Sayings of the Bible; and The New Bible Atlas.
We often use items of Christian clip art in our magazine and other publicity material.

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We are invited to pray for the General Assembly of the URC, meeting at York University from 16th to 19th July.

As a denomination, we now have over 1700 churches, more than 92,000 members and over 93,000 children associated with the life of the church. About 20% of our churches are in partnership with Christians of other traditions. Nearly 900 stipendiary and non-stipendiary ministers and 11 church-related community workers, as well as several hundred lay preachers and over 13,000 Elders, serve us.
Pray that in this Council of the Church, as in all our Councils, worship may be offered to the glory of God, the mind of Christ may be found, the company of God’s people may be enjoyed and the world may be served.
"Loving God, you have called young and old, male and female, black and white, into your service. We come with hearts grateful for the life of your church:
® for new life bubbling up in many communities
® for broad streams of ecumenical partnership across the land
® for challenging mission opportunities springing up in each place
® for the deep rivers of faithful service given over many years
Unite us with all your people on earth and in heaven that we may daily praise your holy name. Through Christ our Lord. Amen."

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Just over seven-and-a-half years ago we were delighted to welcome one-third of Brian Stone.

Fortunately, the remaining two-thirds remained attached as he joined the ministerial team here in Lindfield. He had the difficult art of juggling his weekly timetable so that two-thirds was devoted to ministry in and through Haywards Heath URC, and one-third among us here. For the first five years, he was our Chaplain to Youth and Children’s work. He conscientiously applied himself to the encouragement and support of the many volunteers involved in our youth and children’s programmes. He got to know the children and young people themselves, not only through the church groups but also by being involved in the team, from the village churches, which has now been going into the Lindfield schools to take assemblies for many years. He has preached at our services and both he and Brenda have been familiar faces in our evening congregation. He spent many hours chairing the ‘Think Tank’ which carried out an audit of all our children and young people’s activities, and then made clear specific proposals about the future, which were welcomed by church meeting.
Latterly, following the appointment of a Youth and Children’s Pastor, Brian became an invaluable leader of the Junior Section of the BB, and spent time encouraging the development of the church’s prayer life, which has just culminated in a series of three seminars, open to all churches in the area.
We thank God for his ministry among us, his cheerfulness, even under adversity, his patience and perseverance. We acknowledge his quiet personal prayer ministry supporting many aspects of our church life. We pray for him as he and Brenda prepare to move into retirement. Several of our members have found the regular pilgrimages arranged by Brenda to have been super occasions, not just for exercise but also for fellowship and contemplation. They expect to be living in Southwick, so will be in close proximity to most of their children and grandchildren, and within easy reach of the football team they have loved to support for much of their lives. I guess Brian, perhaps after a brief respite, will find himself on the preaching circuit, and possibly undertaking other responsibilities in his local area!

Brian preaches his final sermon, as one of our ministers, on Sunday, 29th July, at 6.30pm. This will be preceded by a farewell tea at 4.45pm. Please join us if you can.


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